About Us

King’s Drywall Repair is a partnership of 2 brothers, Randy and Stephen King. Their father David King, a founding member of the company, is now semi-retired. David King is an icon in pioneering the methods of modern day drywall finishing. He passed his 50 years experience onto his 2 sons. Randy with 34 years experience, Stephen with 26 years. A combined 110 years in the business means we have seen everything and dealt with every minor and major inconvenience. We put ourselves in your shoes, not only do you want master craftsmen, you want clean and tidy working conditions as well. We do our utmost to contain dust proliferation and guarantee protection of your personal items (electronics of all kinds, furniture, floors, artwork etc.) from dust or mud (plaster) damage. We want you to feel comfortable, worry-free, because the Kings are coming.